A Few Words
About the Publisher

As the owner of CB Resources, I’d love to tell you what I think what makes our publishing business unique. The answer is simple and direct: providing high-quality, compliant and relevant content to you, (not just cut and paste of criteria); we share our information and knowledge with you though our materials, provide you with some freebies on our website; provide you with the latest information in our newsletters and provide free advice about the VET Sector if we are asked.

We depend on your support to do what we do. We ask for feedback on our materials and we incorporate your good suggestions in the next version. We are not afraid to specialise and we have listed these areas on our website. We can still of course customise or develop materials on request.

From time to time we will offer some amazing deals for you. These can be found under “Specials” on our website.

We are different to other publishers of the same materials in that we provide a website that is super easy to navigate, we don’t use popups to annoy you, we don’t ask for your details so you can be spammed and we try to WOW all of our customers with great customer service and cost effective high-quality products.

It really is that simple.

Michael Claydon